Arri Alexa M Cinema Camera

Alexa M Camera Head and Body, Alexa Viewfinder with two evf cables, Top handle, Alexa M side Cage and Top plate with Rosettes, 15mm rods, 1sdcard, Alexa Gold Mount, Gold mout to V mount adapter, V mount shark fin plate, 15 foot, 16 foot and 65 foot Fiber optic cable, Alexa M Cleaning pen, Bridge plate 13. 12’’ Dove tail, Alexa XT to XR to SXS Adapter module, SXS card reader with USB mini, USB 2 and AC supply, Mini Osha Cable 17. Two 32gb SXS cards, Four 64gb SXS cards, 24v Power supply, Alexa M Backpack, 7x IDX V mount batteries

Red Epic Cinema Camera (5K)

1x 64gb ssd 1x 128gb ssd 1x 256gb ssd 1x 5’’ touch screen monitor 1x ssd module 1x V mount plate 7x IDX V mount batteries 1x V mount battery charger 1x SSD reader

5D Mark 2 DSLR

Camera Sony A6300 mirrorless 4k camera

DJI OSMO W/ X5 Camera Zenmuse X5 w/ MFT 15mm f1.7 lens Osmo

X5 Adapter × 1 Osmo Pro - Carrying Case × 1 Osmo - Universal Mount × 1 Osmo Phone Holder × 1 Osmo - DJI FM-15 Flexi Microphone × 1 Osmo - External Battery Extender × 1 Osmo - Intelligent Battery (High Capacity) × 4 Osmo - Quad Charging System (Adapter Excluded) × 1 Osmo - 57W Power Adapter × 1 Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount 3 of SanDisk Ultra 64GB UHS-I/Class 10 Micro SDXC Memory Cards PolarPro DJI Zenmuse X5 Inspire 1 Pro Filter 3-Pack PolarPro DJI Zenmuse X5 Inspire 1 Pro Filter 3-Pack

2x GoPRO Hero Black

2x Head Strap 1x Chesty 2x Suction cups 1x Front Helmet 1x Wrist Housing 1x GoProfessional GoPro 3 Camera Case EXPANDED 2x Hero 3 Black Edition f/w v3.00 2x SAMSUNG Pro 64GB microSDXC Flash Card Model MBMGCGB/AM 1x LCD Touch BacPac 2x Battery BacPac 1x Wall Charger 1x Car Auto Charger 1x Skeleton Housing 1x Mini HDMI Cable 1x 3.5mm Mic Adapter The Canon

Wireless Packages

IDX CW3 Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver (1080p), Teradek Serv Pro Wireless Video Transmitter (send 1080p wireless video via wifi to 14 IOS devices at once, Redrock Micro Wireless Follow Focus

SOUND Zoom F8 Ten Track Mixer

Sennheiser 416 2x rode newshooters 4x Sennheiser g3 lavs 2x Rode NTG3 boom mics 2x Cos11 Lavs 2x Zoom h4n two track mixer 1x Tascam DR 60D four track mixer 1x Sennheiser K6 ME66 boom mic 1x Rode 12ft carbon fiber boom pole with 4x XLR cable


Cinema lenses- Xeen 24mm T1.5 Schneider Xenon FF 35mm T2.1 Prime Lens Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4  FF 50mm T2.1 Prime Lens Schneider Xenon FF 75mm T2.1 Prime Lens Xeen 135mm T2.0

Still lenses- Zeiss cy 25mm f2.8 Zeiss cy 35mm f1.4 Zeiss cy 50mm f1.4 Zeiss cy 85mm f1.4 Zeiss cy 135mm f2.8 Tamron 16mm f2.8 Canon 17-35mm f2.8 Canon 70-200mm f2.8


(Sizes 4x4 and 4x5.6) Pro Mist Black Pro Mist Chocolate warming filter Gold warming filter Low contrast Soft Contrast frost fog


23 inch Panasonic 1080p field monitor / Smallhd 702 monitor / Atomos Shogun 1080P Monitor/Recorder With 256gb drive and batteries


1x Benfro Tripod 1x Manfrotto Befree Fluidhead tripod 1x Edelkrone Wing 15 1x Dana Dolly w/ 6 foot straight and curved track and 2 Low boy stands 1x Manfrotto 504HD Fluid head 1x Manfrotto 546B two stage Tripod 2x Manfrotto 516 Fluid Head! 2x 100mm Half ball head 1x 350MVB Tripod 1x Kessler K Pod 1x Kessler Hercules Head 1x Kessler Revolution head 1x Kessler Pocket jib 50 feet of flexible dolly track 3x All terrain K pod wheels 3x Kessler dolly trucks 1x Kessler Pocket Dolly (3ft slider) 1x Custom Curved Slider (3ft slider) 1x shoulder mount 1x follow focus 3x 100mm half ball with 3/4 inch screw ND filters 3x 100mm half ball with 3/4 inch screw GRIP 10x Gobo heads Apple boxes 11x Light duty,1/4”20 light stands 2x Light boom arms 3x Heavy duty1/8’’ Manfrotto cinema Stands 5x C stands 4x chrome grip arms for c stand 3x speed rails (four foot sections) 3x Grid clamps w/ 5/8" baby pin (little ben) 2x Grid clamp (big ben) 2x Speed rail coupler 2x Modern Studio Grid Clamp w/ Ear 3x safety chain 1x Reflector arm holder 1x 4x4 filter frame 2x Ball head relocator 1x Kessler Lowboy dolly seat 30x ten pound sandbags 1x Kessler 100mm ball kit 2x Rock N Roller R6RT MultiCart Equipment Cart! 1x Heavy duty Equipment platform cart 20x Stingers (various lengths) 2x Reflector arm/holder 2x Reflector holder to baby pin adapter


8x Quasar switch four foot Light tubes 2x Arri L7C LED Fresnels 2x Intellytech Light Canon 1k LED Fresnels 1x Intellytech 485 Light canon 5K LED Fresnel 2x Came TV 900 LED Panels 1x CAME TV LED 200 LED Panel 1x Roscoe Litepad Kit (6 light kit, 3 dimmers, 6 ac adapters and stand mounts) 2x Alzo 2x2 fluorescent Lights 1x Alzo 4x4 Flurescent Light 1x Fotodiox Ring light 2x On camera 100 LED Light 1x Light Panel Helio 6x lowel pro light (pro, Omni, Tota) 1x 2400 Watt Softbox Lighting Kit


(Three Softbox, 12 x 45watt Flourescent Bulb, 3 x lightstand) 5x five in one reflectors 1x 12x12 three in one diffusion panel 2x Gel kit (Various gels) 1x Diffusion gel kit (Various diffusion) 2x Fog machines 1x Chavet Hurricane Haze Machine 3x 4x4 flags 2x 4x4 Gold reflectors (stand mount) 1x roll of Roscoe


2x 16tb harddrive enclosures (esata, USB & Firewire 800 connection) 15 inch Macbook pro 2.2ghz intel Core I7